Retirement is the biggest financial goal we will ever work towards. It means freedom and the ability to chose how and where you will live your life.

It could mean downsizing your home and travelling the world, moving to a home that better suits your new lifestyle, staying put and volunteering for causes close to your heart – or anything that you choose.

The thing is, it’s about choice. But you must have the financial freedom to allow that choice.

And that means you need to have a plan.

Yet many people don’t. They’re not actively working towards their goals or making strategic moves to invest or grow wealth. They are crossing their fingers and hoping for the best, or they have their head in the sand and not willing to look, or they’re simply too busy.

If that’s your choice now, it’s important to know that it will have consequences in the future.

If you want that freedom to live your life however you choose without fear of financial stress or strain, it’s time to take a step towards financial freedom.

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