One question that we’re asked more than any other is “How much is enough?”. In all honesty, the answer all depends on you, your plans and your expectations.

Most of us dream of the day of retirement – those days where we can choose to do anything we want depending on our mood or the weather.

The thought of having to pinch pennies in this time of freedom is something that most of us want to avoid.

So, how much is enough? That’s a calculation that we can work on together. It’s certainly not the $32,000 a year that a couple may qualify to receive on the Australian pension!

Once you know your goal, there are only two ways you can get it – save it or grow it. Super helps us to save it – but usually falls well short of the goal, so your choices are to either make additional payments to your Super or leverage by investing in something that grows in value over time and creates substantial equity.

If you want to discuss your magic number and how to make it a reality, please get in touch and we can arrange a time to meet.

Taking action now will reap huge rewards later.

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